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Defining Your Project Management Goals Using The SMART Method

All you need to know about the SMART method, defining objectives effectively, and getting your projects off to the right start. In this post we are going to show you how defining objectives can be beneficial for your business, what the SMART method consists of, and finally some examples of goals established using the SMART method. 

How To Use A CRM To Boost Revenue

Everyone wants to feel special, like they’re your only customer and top priority. A CRM can improve many aspects of your business, from profitability to productivity. Find answers to all your questions about customer relationship management and discover all the advantages of using a CRM

Kiwili, The online accounting and management software for your business

Created by and for entrepreneurs, Kiwili has evolved as a direct response to business needs, providing a software combining all the essential tools for accounting and business management. At Kiwili, we have three different packages available depending on the type of work you do and your needs : Standard, Pro and Business. To help you make your decision, we have summarized the main advantages of our three packages for you.

An Insider’s Guide To Solvency And Liquidity

You’ve started your own business, and now you keep coming across all of these financial terms in your paperwork. ùSolvency, liquidity… It can be hard to keep up ! The two key concepts are finally explained in the simplest way ! Here’s everything you need to know to make the difference and help your business grow while it remains in good financial health for the long-term. 

Profitability : An Eye-Opening Guide

Most people understand the meaning of the word profitability, whether they are in business or not, more money coming in than going out, right? But there is a lot more to it than that and this article will cover what you need to know,
We will explore in this article the main ways to determine whether your business is profitable or not.

Project Planning : Definition, Techniques and Tools

Project planning is essential in order to be efficient. It helps you organise your time according to the work that needs to be carried out, to ensure you remain efficient for the long-term. In this article we will explore all the advantages of project planning, and how to plan a project using our advice and techniques.

The Accounting Mistakes We’re All Making

Accounting is often regarded as a necessary evil by entrepreneurs. With proper preparation and planning we can identify errors early on in projects and avoid rectifying costly mistakes. You should always be on the look out for ways you can improve, and in some cases automate business processes in order to save time and energy, and limit potential mistakes. Here’s what to avoid..

The Trial Balance : Our Definition, With Examples

A trial balance is the first step towards preparing financial statements. The primary use of this report is for adjusting entries. What’s the real use of a trial balance ? How to format a trial balance report ? How to prepare and adjust a trial balance ? We answer all of your questions and provide examples.

The General Ledger : A How-To Guide

What exactly is a general ledger and what is it used for ? In this article we explain how to complete a general ledger and how best to use it. Keep reading to learn more about the general ledger and how you can use it in your small business.

Meet Kiwili: The Best Software For Online Business Management

Whether your business is just starting out or you’re already well-established, it’s vital to find good working tools in order to be as efficient as you can. There are dozens of options that exist to choose from, it can get confusing ! Specialized management software enables the self-employed and SMEs to save time and optimize their business management. Discover all the advantages of management software as well as their various features in this article. 

The Golden Rules Of Accounting For Micro-Entrepreneurs : Commandments To Abide By

Overwhelmed by all the paperwork? We’ve summarized exactly what paperwork you need to submit as a micro-entrepreneur, and some pearls of wisdom for you to keep in mind. 
Keeping your accounts in order as a micro-entrepreneur isn’t as complicated as people make out. Simply follow the commandments laid out in this article to keep on top of these requirements. 

Project Management : Tips For Leading A Team Effectively

Leading a team isn’t always easy. Seeing a project through can quickly become complicated if something has been missed off the schedule. Having a clear vision from the get-go forms the basis of good project management, but of course there are other elements involved, starting with you! So what’s the secret to seamless project management? Our top tips for effective project management.

Create Invoices Online : 4 Easy Steps To Guide You (with examples)

Self-employed, freelancer, consultant, entrepreneur or running a small business ? Unsure how to do your invoicing online ? Stay right there, Kiwili has the answers for doing your invoices online simply and free of charge as well as all the essentials you’ll need to include. 

Financial Statements : What You Need To Know

This article will explore the three main financial statements: the balance sheet, the income statement, and the cash flow statement. These three documents complement each other to provide a comprehensive picture of a business, and its (hopefully!) solid financial footing. It is essential to understand these terms well to ensure good management of your company, and be able to use your accounting software efficiently. 

How To Handle Late Payments : Advice, Templates, and Best Practice

Bringing up a late payment with a client is always a delicate situation. We explain the first thing you can do when an invoice goes unpaid after the period specified, send a polite reminder by post, or by email. Over time, writing out these reminders manually can become time-consuming and tedious, which is why we’ve compiled our how-to guide with information on what to include in your message and some writing tips. Finally, we show you some example letters, email reminders, and formal notices to pay.

Explaining Bank Reconciliation : How To Carry It Out Quickly and Effectively

Bank reconciliation: at first glance, it sounds complicated, but don’t let the name put you off!  This essential process is simply used to ensure that the company’s account books are in line with the business bank statements. In other words, ensuring that the bank account’s debit balance equals its credit balance. Today, we’ll look at why you should carry out bank reconciliation, whether you’re self-employed or a small business, and how to go about the bank reconciliation process. 

The Income Statement : Definition and Examples

What Is An Income Statement? An income statement is an accounting summary document containing information related to analyzing the financial performance of a company. The income statement (also known as a balance sheet, a profit and loss statement, or a statement of...

Bookkeeping and Accounting for Small Businesses and the Self-Employed

Self-employed or running a small business? You’ve probably found yourself pondering the world of accounts –  and what exactly does bookkeeping consist of? Is it something we can do easily enough by ourselves, or is it best handled by an accountant? In this post, we’re going to run through the basic principles of bookkeeping, and explain why it is so useful. Allow us to suggest some tools for getting it done independently and with ease.