Business and Accounting Software Comparison

Where to Start?

As a business, choosing an accounting and management software is never easy. Even if the value of using a management software has been proven, you must make the right choice among the profusion of online solutions that exist. Between accounting software that is too complicated, those with exorbitant prices and those that are too basic, it becomes difficult to find a suitable option for your business. In reality, it is not easy to choose a management software because you never know exactly how it will benefit you and in which you should invest your time and money.

To save you time, Kiwili offers two comparative tables of management software: one for self-employed and another for the SMEs with more than 10 employees.

To make an objective comparison, one must analyze similar things. With Kiwili being an all-in-one management software, we had to find solutions that resembled its offering. This was (almost) mission impossible. Kiwili brings together in one integrated solution many features that several software offers independently.

There are still a few software to compare for the self-employed and small businesses. We therefore sought to focus on two selection criteria : the features and the price.

Business and Accounting Software for Small Businesses



Sage 50 is an advanced accounting solution that allows you to manage your finances accurately but remains difficult to learn at first due to its complexity. It is limited to 4 users maximum.


Freshbooks offers an intuitive management software but is quickly limited by the number of customers and features it includes.


Dynacom is a complete software, particularly interesting for businesses with a large budget and time on their hands to learn its complex features.


Specialized in project management Nutcache is very limited when you want to manage all the aspects of your small business.


QuickBooks offers for 10+ employees tailor-made plans. Potentially very complete, it is accessible for a minimum of $300 a month, without including all the tools that are useful to your business.


Momenteo is an inexpensive solution that offers simple accounting, but does not allow you to really support the development of your activity.


The Zoho Suite is in itself very complete, but it requires investing in different applications. Getting all the tools you need to manage your business results in a significant investment in time and money.


Xero is mainly an accounting software that lacks a CRM tool to manage your client relationship.

What’s the Verdict?


We are aware that, as self-employed or small business, managing your business is difficult if you are not well supported. The advantage of all these software is that they allow you to try them for free, to help you choose the one that suits you best. Everyone can get their idea about the ergonomics of the software and know if it meets their requirements by trying it for a period of time.

Our goal with Kiwili is to offer a simple and complete solution adapted to the self-employed and small businesses alike. Kiwili is adapted to accountants and those who have little to no accounting basics, while being advanced enough to help you make good business decisions.

Our online management software brings together all the features an entrepreneur needs, no matter what the business sector:

This integrated management software does not yet make coffee (we’re working on it…), but allows self-employed and small business managers to save valuable time, allowing them to focus solely on their passion, all at an affordable price.

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