Why use a project management software?

Project management software is useful because it will help you know which projects are the most profitable and why. You will also have a better visibility on the tasks to be done within your project and therefore on the evolution of your work.

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Execute all your projects efficiently

Track your projects, collaborate with your team and access all your project data (invoices, expenses, time, etc.) on a single platform.

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Everything you need in one place

Kiwili’s business management software gives you a complete view of your projects, assigned tasks, and workload.

Always be one step ahead. Visualize and analyze your project timelines with Gantt charts and various performance reports.

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Project progress at a glance

Stay constantly informed about the progress of projects with the management of tasks and their status. This way, you and your team will save time and you will optimize your communication by having all the statuses accessible. 

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Monitor the progress of your projects in real time with our numerous analytical reports.

"I love your software and if my company grows, I know that the different packages will continue to meet my needs. Thank you for your great work!"

Isabelle Letellier
Harmonie Architecture

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Financial monitoring

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