CRM : Centralize all your commercial information

Organize your contacts (clients, prospects and suppliers) and track the progress of your business
(status of your estimates and invoices) in real time and automatically

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Centralize the information and all the commercial documents of your company

Find all the estimates, invoices, purchase orders, expenses and files related to your clients or suppliers in your database. You can then follow in real time the progress of your commercial documents.


Adopt our CRM feature


    • Centralize the business information of your contacts

    • Add personalized notes and follow-ups

    • Classify and filter your address book

    • Analyze your sales performance or that of your salespeople with reports

    • Generate and send account statements in one click

    • Track the real-time status of your estimates and invoices

    • Easily manage credits and advances


"I love your software and if my company grows, I know that the different packages will continue to meet my needs. Thank you for your great work!"

Isabelle Letellier
Harmonie Architecture

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