A touch of philosophy in our business world doesn’t hurt. Sometimes, we need to take a step back to look at the different paths available to us and figure out which one leads to success. Like all entrepreneurs, our goal is to make our business a success. So here are some quotes on the subject of success, triumph, and results from entrepreneurs and business creators.


Success Quote: “Persistence is the path to success.”


Author: Charlie Chaplin, who was an icon of silent cinema. We admire him for the duration of his career (65 years) and the number of accomplishments (80 films). Let’s not forget that behind this success, his stances were both adored and controversial. His quote shows us that to succeed, we must have a real desire, be tenacious, persist, and sometimes be on the brink of stubbornness.


Success Quote: “Failure is the foundation of success.”


Author: Lao-Tzu, who was a Chinese philosopher, presumed author of the Tao-te-King (founder of Taoism). This philosophy urges us to listen to our instincts rather than adopting a philosophical reflection on a situation. By being intuitive, we can make mistakes, but they will lead us to lasting success. This quote also shows us that success is made up of failures.


Triumph Quote: “Never accept defeat, you may be one step away from success.”


Author: Jack E. Addington, who was an American lawyer, professor, and writer. We have little information about him, but we can draw a lesson from his quote. When we have a goal, we are often faced with obstacles, and success lies at the top of this mountain. If we give up, we will never reach the top, and the summit may be much closer than we think.


Success Proverb: “Only in the dictionary does success come before work.”


Author: Pierre Fornerod. All successes are possible only with work. Let’s not be deceived by people who want to make us believe that success is easy. The success of every entrepreneur comes after hard work.


Success Proverb: “There is more courage than talent in most successes.”


Author: Félix Leclerc, who was a Quebecois writer and singer. A personality more from the artistic than financial field, he gives us his perspective on the importance of courage in the success of projects. Sometimes all it takes is the courage to start, to believe in something, to dare to create your own business, to realize your dreams. Talent is then just a little extra, which can set us apart.


Success Quote: “Man creates wealth, but wealth has never created man.”


Author: Unknown. Like for the majority of businesses, one of the main goals is to make money. A business must be profitable, it’s fundamental. But let’s not forget values, motivation, and ethics. Entering entrepreneurship should not have profit as its sole objective.


Quote: “If you want to succeed, you must open new paths and avoid the paths taken by promises of success.”


Author: John Rockefeller, who was one of the great American capitalists who helped create American economic power. He suggests that we take a different path than the one of simplicity that has already proven itself. For real success, we must seek out new innovative things.


Quote for Entrepreneurs: “Never accomplished doesn’t mean unachievable.”


Author: Louis Fortin. We tend to wrongly think that when a project has not been executed, it is too difficult to achieve. But let’s keep in mind that we don’t know why it wasn’t done. Everything is always possible; there is only more or less motivation, luck, knowledge, or sometimes money.


Success Quote: “The true success of a team is to ensure competitiveness in sustainability.”


Author: Alain Prost, who is a great professional race car driver. For all entrepreneurs who also manage a team, it is better to keep in mind team spirit and long-term vision for the entire company. Sometimes we are too impatient and only look at short-term individual success. A victory is even more beautiful if achieved together and lasts over time.


Quote for Business Leaders: “To triumph without peril is to triumph without glory.”


Author: Pierre Corneille, who was an artist, writer, and poet. We can interpret this quote as a triumph of the ego. It is true that a victory always has more merit if it comes after going through trials. But what we really need to remember is that sometimes we have to take risks to succeed.

All these quotes show us that working is necessary for success, that some failures lead to success, and let’s not forget that motivation is the key to triumph. For those who still want quotes related to entrepreneurship, don’t hesitate to read our version 1 of the quotes.


And you, through which quotes do you recognize yourself as an entrepreneur?