Crowdfunding platforms were mentioned in our recent post about tips for testing your business ideas. Indeed, crowdfunding is one way to practice presenting your idea to the public while raising funds for your projects online.

However, before you dive in, it’s best to research these different platforms to make an informed choice. In this article, we present to you 9 crowdfunding platforms for businesses that can meet your needs.


Different Types of Online Project Financing:


To make your choice, you need to know all the criteria that are offered. So here are some things you should consider before deciding on which crowdfunding platforms to launch your project.

The platforms presented in this post have one or the other financing model: “all or nothing,” which grants funding on the condition that the goal is reached, and “flexible,” which allows you to collect money regardless of whether the goal is achieved or not.

Pay attention to the commission the platform takes on the amount raised, which varies from one site to another.

Some platforms require a PayPal account for money transfer.


What are the best crowdfunding sites in France?


Crowdfunding Site: Tudigo (formerly Bulb in Town)


First, we present Tudigo. This platform, which favors local French projects, offers two crowdfunding solutions: equity exchange (crowdequity) or bond exchange (crowdlending). It’s up to you to choose.

Financing Model: All or nothing.

Commission: 5% + 3% for bank transaction fees.

Example of funded project (investment participation): Fromagerie des Aldudes.

Example of funded project (donation-based): CMASERRE.


Crowdfunding Platform: Miimosa


For the second crowdfunding platform, we chose Miimosa. If your project is in the field of agriculture and food, Miimosa is the platform you’re looking for! While it’s possible to receive funding when you reach 60% of your goal, it’s best to reach 100% to pay a low commission rate.

Financing Model: From 60% of the goal.


12% VAT (between 60% and 74% of the goal).

10% VAT (between 75% and 99% of the goal).

8% VAT (100% of the goal or more).

Example of funded project: Restoration of heritage and creation of a boutique.


Participatory Financing Site: Finple (formerly My New Startup)


The last crowdfunding site we love is Finple. This platform, which offers a hybrid financing model (pre-order and/or capital), is particularly aimed at startups or companies in development whose financial needs range from €100,000 to €1,000,000. However, note that there are fees for posting your project (starting from €500 excluding taxes).


Financing Model: All or nothing.

Commission: Between 5% and 10%, depending on your support needs.

Example of funded project: Restoration of heritage and creation of a boutique.


What are the crowdfunding platforms in Quebec?


Crowdfunding Sites: Haricot


Considered the 1st crowdfunding platform in Quebec, Haricot favors contributions in exchange for rewards. This can be very interesting for people who have a real crush on the products or services of the future company. Therefore, by investing, you could receive a product in advance, for example.

Financing Model: All or nothing/flexible.

Commission: 5%.

Example of funded project: Microbrewery La Chasse Pinte.


Crowdfunding Platform: La Ruche


This platform, exclusive to the Quebec region, favors projects that contribute to the influence and vitality of this region. In addition, its little sister, La Ruche Montréal, should be launched soon, expanding the positive impact on local communities beyond the Quebec region.


Financing Model: All or nothing.

Commission: 7% plus taxes.

Example of funded project: La Baconnerie.


Participatory Financing Site: Ecloid*


Developing entrepreneurial skills for young adults in Quebec and elsewhere is part of Ecloid*’s mission. The maximum funding that can be requested is $25,000 CAD.

Financing Model: All or nothing.

Commission: 10%.

Example of funded project: Eden Eyebrows & Spa.


Crowdfunding Site: Ulule


Present in 176 countries, Ulule supports creative, innovative, solidarity, or citizen-focused projects. A particularity of this crowdfunding site: the commission depends on the currency, the payment method (by credit card, check, or PayPal), and the location of the project owner.

Financing Model: All or nothing.

Commission: Variable.

Example of funded project: Gaëlle Weddings.


Crowdfunding Platform: Kickstarter


Creative projects are the raison d’être of this platform created in 2009. Therefore, if you have an idea that is out of the ordinary, this platform could be the ideal place to realize your vision.

Financing Model: All or nothing.

Commission: 5% plus payment processing fees (between 3% and 5%).

Example of funded project: Little Spoon Ice Cream.


Participatory Financing Site: Indiegogo


Creativity is also at the heart of this crowdfunding platform. Older than Kickstarter (founded in 2008), Indiegogo is available in 223 countries. A good way for your business to penetrate the international market.

Financing Model: All or nothing/flexible.

Commission: 5% plus third-party commissions on credit card payments.

Example of funded project: Worlds greenest CAFÉ the WHEELYS GREEN WARRIOR.


Absolutely, you now have a great list of crowdfunding sites. Now, let’s dive into action. If you’re looking for more inspiration, explore other crowdfunding platforms:

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