I know you are curious, you want to know who is behind Kiwili? Yes, there is the online management software, but in reality, it’s us, a team of small humans with a big heart who manage this beautiful tool. 

We’ll say that we’re throwing flowers at each other, but it’s the truth, Kiwili has a really great team. You can even go and check for yourself with the great mentor: Google. You want another source to be sure? Go see La Presse about our talents. What do you think? I’m not talking nonsense ;-), but how can we have such a great team?

The Kiwili sales team, to help you choose the right business management plan:

We start the presentations with our beautiful sales team. They take you by the hand in a demonstration and show you all the features that could help you in YOUR daily business management. They look with you at which plan is best suited to your business. If there is one person to get along with, it’s them, and yes they have all the codes when there are possible promotions ;-).

The Kiwili marketing and communication team, to offer you a multitude of resources for your business:

Then comes the marketing and communication team. Always looking for beautiful visuals and useful information to share. It is thanks to them that our blog has become a real gold mine (library) for all entrepreneurs. You have a question related to the management of a business? Whether it’s accounting, invoicing, projects, news, reading ideas or even well-being at work, they’ve surely written a nice article to answer you.

How are we doing? You’ve had a demo from a great consultant, he’s snuck you a promo code. You started with Kiwili, and you read our help articles to get started with this new management software. Then you didn’t see the time pass on the blog between an article on invoicing and another one on sports at the office (yes, at first sight it may not be related, but when you have to follow up several clients to get paid, I can tell you that it’s sports). Now you have a question about your use of Kiwili?

The Kiwili support team, to quickly answer your questions about the use of Kiwili management software

Come on, let me introduce you to the support team. They are there almost day and night (9:30am-4pm EST officially, but in reality we are there much longer, especially since we offer Kiwili to France, so we even have French people taking care of you ;-)) to answer your questions, to help you use Kiwili in the best way possible according to your way of working, but also to propose you documentation adapted to your needs. In short, we are here for everything, some people have even made declarations of love about the support. It’s a pleasure to receive so much love, but we prefer to stay focused on the essential: You and the use of the Kiwili management software.

The Kiwili technical team, to develop new features and optimize the Kiwili software.

You think we’re done with the presentations? No, there is also our team behind the scenes: the technical team. And, yes, you don’t see them, but without them Kiwili could not exist. They code, they program, they develop, they spread (their wings for you) daily to make Kiwili a software always up-to-date. Indeed, it’s thanks to you that they have plenty of work to do to constantly develop new features, so that Kiwili always adapts to your needs.

The administrative and accounting team, so that all these teams work properly

There is still the administrative and accounting department. They count, classify, manage the company and many other things like that (I don’t know everything yet, I’ll try to infiltrate this service to know more), but the main thing to know is that they do their job very well so that all the services run properly.

There you go, you know everyone now. Welcome to the Kiwili community, because yes we are part of the community too.

I’ll tell you one last thing, we’re all very funny, if you have a little Down (it happens sometimes when we manage a company), you can come and say hello to us on the support and we’ll make you a little joke to cheer you up.

Kiwili is an all-in-one business management software. It is at the same time an easy invoicing software, an accounting software, a CRM, a convenient project management tool and a time tracking software. Everything you need to manage your business like a pro!