Kiwili’s Terms of Service

1. Application

1.1. Acceptance :

The following Terms of Service (the “Terms”) are between you and Kiwili Inc., 154, Av. Laurier Ouest, Montreal, Québec, H2T 2N7, Canada (“Kiwili”) and constitute a legal agreement that governs your use of Kiwili product, software, services and Websites and your surfing on the Website (the “Website”) (collectively referred to as the “Service”). You must agree to these Terms before you can use the Service. You can agree to these Terms by: a) actually using the Service, or b) clicking a box that indicates you agree to the Service, where such a box is made available to you. If you do not agree to any of the following terms, please do not use the Service. You should print or otherwise save a copy of these Terms for your records.

1.2. Legal Authority :

To use and/or register for the Service, you must be of legal age to form a binding contract  with Kiwili. Also, you cannot be located in a country where, for any reason whatsoever, the publication or the access to the  Service  or to the Website  are  forbidden. By  accepting these  Terms  you  represent that  you  understand  and agree to the  foregoing.  Kiwili makes no  representation that the use of the Service and its contents are considered regulatory and is not permitted by law in all countries. You bear all risks associated with the use of the Website. It is your sole responsibility to act in accordance with law and/or regulations in your country of residence.

1.3. Updates :

Kiwili may  update  or  change these Terms  from time to time  and  recommends that  you  review the Terms on a regular basis. You can review the most current version of the Terms at any time on the Website. If Kiwili makes a change to the Terms, it will post the revised Terms on our Website at the link as herein noted. You understand and agree that your continued use of the Service after the Terms has changed constitutes your acceptance  of  the  Terms  as  revised. Without  limiting  the  foregoing,  if  Kiwili  makes  a  change  to  the  Terms  that  materially impacts your use of the Service, Kiwili may post notice of any such change on the Website and/or email you notice  of any such change to your Kiwili account.


2. The Service

2.1. Changing the Service :

Kiwili reserves the right to modify or stop the Service (or any part thereof), either temporarily or permanently, at any time or from time to time, with or without prior notice to you. Without limiting the foregoing, Kiwili may post on the Website and/or send email to your Kiwili account, notice of such changes to the Service. It is your responsibility to review our Website and/or check your Kiwili account for any such notices. You agree that Kiwili shall not be liable to you or any third party for any modification or cessation of the Service.

2.2. Availability :

The  Service,  or  any  feature  or  part thereof,  may  not  be  available in  all languages  or in  all  countries  and  Kiwili  makes  no  representation  that  the  Service,  or  any  feature  or  part  thereof,  is  appropriate  or available  for  use in any  particular location. To the extent  you choose to access and  use the Service,  you  do  so at  your own initiative and are responsible for compliance with any applicable laws, including, but not limited to, any applicable local laws


3. Use of the Service

3.1. Use of the Website and Member Account :

As a user of the Website, you may freely access the content of the  sign  up  section  of the Website,  without  being  bound  by  any  signing  up  procedure  whatsoever.  However, the  managing  section  of the Website  will  only  be  accessible to  you  upon  signing  up to  Kiwili  and taking  an  annual  membership. When you accept these Terms and complete the Kiwili sign up process, you become a Kiwili “Member Account”  holder.  You  are  required  to  select  a  unique  name  upon  sign  up  that  will  be  used  for  your  account  (your “Subscriber ID”).

3.2. Security :

Upon  creating  your  Subscriber  ID  you  will  be  required  to  select  a  password.  Please  choose  a  strong  password and  do  not  reveal  your  password to  others. You agree that  you are  responsible  for  keeping  your password confidential and secure, and further understand that you are solely responsible and liable for any activities that occur under your Subscriber ID. If you suspect or become aware of any unauthorized use of your account please  contact Kiwili Support by sending an email to

3.3. Sign  Up  Obligations :

You  agree  that  all  information  you  provide  to  Kiwili  during  the  sign  up  process (“Sign Up Data”) will be true, accurate, complete and current information, and that you shall maintain and update  the Sign Up Data as needed throughout your term to keep it accurate and current. Failure to provide accurate, current  and complete Sign Up Data may result in the suspension and/or termination of your account.

3.4. No Conveyance :

Nothing in these Terms shall be construed to convey to you any interest, title, or license  in a Subscriber ID, email address, domain name, iChat ID, or similar resource used by you in connection with the Service. The use of the Service is unique and you are solely responsible for any loan or share access to the Service

3.5. No  Survivorship :

You  agree  that  your  Kiwili  account  is  non-transferable  and  that  any  rights  to  your Subscriber ID or Content within your account terminate upon your death.

3.6. No  Reproduction  or  Resale :

You  agree  that  you  will  not  reproduce,  copy,  duplicate,  sell,  resell,  rent  or trade the service (or any part thereof) for any purpose whatsoever.


4. Content

4.1. Content :

“Content”  means  any  information  that  may  be  generated  or  encountered  through  use  of  the  Service, such as data  files, written text, software, music, graphics, photographs, images, sounds, videos, messages and any other like materials. You understand that all Content whether publicly posted or privately transmitted on the  Service is the sole  responsibility of the person  from whom such Content originated. This means that you, and not  Kiwili, are solely responsible for any Content you upload, download, post, email, transmit, store or otherwise make  available through  your  use  of the  Service. You  understand that  by  using the  Service  you may  encounter Content  that you may  find offensive, indecent, or objectionable, and that you may expose others to Content that they may  find objectionable. Kiwili does not control the Content posted via the Service, nor does it guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of such Content. You understand and agree that your use of the Service and any Content is solely  at your own risk.

4.2. Trademarks  Information :

The  Website  and  its  components,  including  text,  content,  software,  animated sequences, music, audio and graphic elements, photographs, illustrations, design, art, names, logos, trademarks and all  other  components  of  this  type  are  the  property  of  Kiwili  or  of  the  assignors  of  its  license  and  are  protected  under the copyrights, databases laws, trademarks laws and/or more generally, any  regulation concerning exclusive  rights. You shall not purchase on the Website and/or the Content any right or license other than the right to use the  Website and the Service under these Terms.

4.3. Information  on the Content :

As  part  of  a  strictly  private  and  non-commercial  use,  you may  retrieve  and  display Content from the Website on a computer screen, print individual pages on paper (but not photocopy them)  and keep an electronic version of these pages on a disk (excluding any server or any data storage device connected to a network). You make any downloading or printing of the opinions of copyright appearing on the originals and  ensure that they are intact on the copy you’ve made. In addition, you will remain bound to those labels and notices.

4.4. Violation  by a third  party :

You agree to  promptly  notify Kiwili in writing  of any  unauthorized access to the Website or the Service or any misuse of these performed by third parties or of any claim that the Website or the  Content thereof infringes the rights of copyright, database, trademark law or otherwise.


5. Conduct

5.1. You agree that you will NOT use the Service to :

  1. Upload,  download,  post,  email, transmit,  store  or  otherwise make  available  any Content that is  unlawful, harassing, threatening, harmful, tortious, defamatory, libellous, abusive, violent, obscene, vulgar, invasive of another’s privacy, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, or otherwise objectionable;
  2. Stalk, harass, threaten or harm another;
  3. If  you  are  an adult,  request  personal  or  other information  from a minor  (any  person  under the  age  of  18 or such other age as local law defines as a minor) who is not personally known to you, including but not limited to any of the following: full name or last name, home address, zip/postal code, telephone number, picture, or the names of the minor’s school, church, athletic team or friends;
  4. Pretend  to  be  anyone,  or  any  entity,  you  are  not —  you  may  not  impersonate  or  misrepresent  yourself as  another  person  (including  celebrities),  entity,  another  Kiwili  subscriber,  a  Kiwili  employee,  or  a civic  or  government  leader,  or  otherwise  misrepresent  your  affiliation  with  a  person  or  entity,  (Kiwili reserves the  right to  reject or block any Subscriber  ID which could be deemed to be an impersonation or misrepresentation of your identity, or a misappropriation of another person’s name or identity);
  5. Engage  in  any  copyright  infringement  or  other  intellectual  property  infringement,  or  disclose  any  trade secret  or  confidential  information  in  violation  of  a  confidentiality,  employment,  or  nondisclosure agreement;
  6. Post,  send,  transmit  or  otherwise  make  available  any  unsolicited  or  unauthorized  email  messages, advertising,  promotional  materials,  junk  mail,  spam,  or  chain  letters,  including,  without  limitation,  bulk commercial advertising and informational announcements;
  7. Forge any TCP-IP packet header or any part of the header information in an email or a news group posting, or otherwise putting information in a header designed to mislead recipients as to the origin of any Content transmitted through the Service (“spoofing”);
  8. Upload,  download,  post,  email,  transmit,  store  or  otherwise  make  available  any  material  that  contains viruses  or  any  other  computer  code,  files  or  programs  designed  to  harm,  interfere  or  limit  the  normal  operation of the Service (or any part thereof), or any other computer software or hardware;
  9. Interfere with  or  disrupt the Service  (including accessing the Service through any automated means, like  scripts or web crawlers), or any servers or networks connected to the Service, or any policies, requirements or  regulations  of  networks  connected  to  the  Service  (including  any  unauthorized  access  to,  use  or monitoring of data or traffic thereon);
  10. Plan or engage in any illegal activity; and/or;
  11. Gather and store personal information on any other users of the Service to be used in connection with any of the foregoing prohibited activities.

5.2. Removal of Content :

You acknowledge that Kiwili is not responsible or liable in any way for any Content  provided by others and has no duty to pre-screen such Content. However, Kiwili  reserves the  right at all times to determine whether Content is appropriate and in compliance with these Terms, and may pre-screen, move, refuse, modify and/or remove Content at any time, without prior notice and in its sole discretion, if such Content is found to be in violation of these Terms or is otherwise objectionable.

5.3. Backup  of  Content :

You  are  responsible  for  backing  up,  to  your  own  computer  or  other  device,  any important documents, images or other Content that you store or access via the Service. Kiwili does not guarantee  or warrant that any Content you may store or access through the Service will not be subject to inadvertent damage, corruption or loss. Kiwili disclaims liability for any damage, corruption or loss suffered by any Content you store or that you access using the Service.

5.4. Access to Your Account and Content :

You acknowledge and agree that Kiwili may access, use, preserve  and/or disclose your account information and Content if legally required to do so or if we have a good faith belief that such access, use, disclosure, or preservation is reasonably necessary to:

  1. Comply with legal process or request;
  2. Enforce these Terms, including investigation of any potential violation thereof;
  3. Detect, prevent or otherwise address security, fraud or technical issues; or
  4. Protect the rights, property or safety of Kiwili, its users or the public as required or permitted by law.

5.5. Violation :

If while using the Service, you encounter Content you find inappropriate, or otherwise believe to be a violation of these Terms, you may report it by sending an email to


6. Payment

6.1. Fees :

You  agree to  pay  all  fees  and  charges  specified  when  you  signed  up  for the  Service  and  any  part  thereof. All fees are exclusive of applicable taxes (e.g. sales, use, or value-added tax), unless otherwise stated.

6.2. Credit Card  Authorization :

You  may  be  asked to  provide  Kiwili  with  a  credit  card  number  from  a  card issuer that we  accept in  order to  activate  and/or  pay  for  any  fees  related to the  Service.  Please  contact  your  card issuer  if  you  have  additional  questions  regarding  when  an  authorization  amount  will  be  removed  from  your statement.

6.3. Payment Method :

Kiwili will charge the annual subscription fee and any other additional fees you authorize  to the  charge  or  credit  card  account  provided  by  you.  By  authorizing  Kiwili to  charge  a  credit  card  for the  fees associated with your subscription, you are authorizing Kiwili to automatically continue charging that card  (or any replacement card if the original card is renewed, lost, stolen, or changed for any reason by the card issuer, and the  issuer informs Kiwili of the new replacement card account) for all fees or charges associated with your subscription including any renewal fees as described below. You authorize the card issuer to pay any amounts described herein and authorize Kiwili, or any other company that acts as a billing agent for Kiwili, to continue to attempt to charge all  sums described herein to your credit card account until such amounts are paid in full. You agree to provide Kiwili  updated information on your credit card upon Kiwili’s request and any time the information earlier provided is no longer  valid.  If  payment is  not  received  by Kiwili  from  your credit card issuer  or its agents,  you agree to  pay all  amounts due upon demand by Kiwili.

6.4. Automatic  Renewal  of  Annual  Subscription :

When  you  sign  up  online  for  the  Service,  your  annual  subscription will be set to automatically renew upon its expiration. This means that unless you cancel your account  or change its renewal settings prior to its expiration, your account will automatically renew for another year. At the  time of renewal, we will charge your credit card the then-current fees to renew the Service.

6.5. Changes  in  Price :

Kiwili  may  at  any  time,  upon  notice  required  by  applicable  law,  change  the  price  of the  Service  or  any  part  thereof,  or  institute  new  charges  or  fees.  Price  changes  and  institution  of  new  charges implemented during your subscription term will apply to subsequent subscription terms and to all new subscribers after the  effective  date  of the  change.  If  you  do  not  agree to  any  such  price  changes, then  you must  cancel  your account and stop using the Service. Your continued use of the Service after the effective date of any such change  shall constitute your acceptance of such change.


7. Content Submitted or Made Available by You on the Service

7.1. License  from  You :

Except  for  material  we  may  license  to  you,  Kiwili  does  not  claim  ownership  of  the  materials  and/or  Content  you  submit  or  make  available  on  the  Service.  However,  by  submitting  or  posting  such Content on areas of the Service that are accessible by the public, you grant Kiwili a worldwide, royalty-free, nonexclusive license  to  use,  distribute,  reproduce,  modify,  adapt,  publish,  translate,  publicly  perform  and  publicly display such Content on the Service solely for the purpose for which such Content was submitted or made available. Said license will terminate within a commercially reasonable time after you or Kiwili remove such Content from the  public area. By submitting or posting such Content on areas of the Service that are accessible by the public, you are  representing that you are the owner of such material and/or have authorization to distribute it.

7.2. Changes to Content :

You understand that in order to provide the Service and make your Content available  thereon, Kiwili may transmit your Content across various public networks, in various media, and modify or change  your Content to comply with technical requirements of connecting networks or devices. You agree that the license  herein permits Kiwili to take any such actions.


8. Confidentiality and Personal Information Protection Policy

Kiwili may  need to  collect information  about  you  and  or that  allows to identify  you  personally in  order to  offer its  services  or, more  generally, to  facilitate  your  use  of the Website. You  acknowledge that  by  using the  Service you consent to the collection and use of certain information about you and your use of the Service solely in order to provide the Service. You further acknowledge and agree that Kiwili may collect, use, transmit, process and store information about your account and all invoices generated by the Website in order to provide the Service and all features included therein. None of this information will be transmitted to third parties without your consent. All  data is protected and encrypted according the SSL 128 bit standard. All such information you provide is used by us in strict compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act of Canada (PIPEDA).


9. Termination

9.1. Termination by you :

You may terminate your account and/or stop using the Service at any time. Any fees paid by you prior to your termination are non-refundable.

9.2. Termination  by  Kiwili :

Kiwili  may  at  any  time,  under  certain  circumstances  and  without  prior  notice, immediately  terminate  or  suspend  all  or  a  portion  of  your  account  and/or  access  to  the  Service.  Cause  for  such termination shall include, but not be limited to:

  1. Violations of the Terms or any other policies or guidelines that are referenced herein and/or posted on the Service;
  2. A request by you to cancel or terminate your account;
  3. Discontinuance or material modification to the Service or any part thereof;
  4. A request and/or order from law enforcement, a judicial body, or other government agency;
  5. Where provision of the Service to you is or may become unlawful;
  6. Unexpected technical or security issues or problems;
  7. Your participation in fraudulent or illegal activities; or
  8. Failure to pay any fees owed by you in relation to the Service.

Any such termination or suspension shall be made by Kiwili in its sole discretion, without any refund to you of any prepaid fees or amounts, and Kiwili will not be responsible to you or any third party for any damages that may result  or arise out of such termination or suspension of your account and/or access to the Service.

9.3. Effects  of  Termination :

Upon  termination  of  your  account  you  lose  all  access  to  the  Service  and  any portions thereof, including, but not limited to, your Member Account, Subscriber  ID and data.  In addition, Kiwili  shall delete all information and data stored in or as a part of your account(s) including, but not limited to, data files, backups and emails.


10. Links and Other Third Party Materials

Certain components or  features of the Service may include materials  from third parties and/or hyperlinks to  other  web  sites,  resources  or  content.  Because  Kiwili  may  have  no  control  over  such  third  party  sites  and/or materials, you acknowledge and agree that Kiwili is not  responsible  for the availability of such sites or  resources, and  does  not  endorse  or  warrant  the  accuracy  of  any  such  sites  or  resources,  and  shall  in  no  way  be  liable  or responsible  for  any  content,  advertising,  products  or  materials  on  or  available  from  such  sites  or  resources.  You further acknowledge and agree that Kiwili shall not be responsible or liable in any way for any damages you incur or allege to have incurred, either directly or indirectly, as a result of your use and/or reliance upon any such Content, advertising, products or materials on or available from such sites or resources.


11. Disclaimer of Warranties

11.1. :

Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of certain warranties, as such, to the extent such exclusions are specifically prohibited by applicable law, some of the exclusions set forth below may not apply to you.

11.2. :

You  expressly  understand  and  agree that  your  use  of the  Service is  at  your  sole  risk  and the  Service is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Kiwili and its affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, directors, employees, agents, partners and licensors expressly disclaim all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. In  particular,  Kiwili  and  its  affiliates,  subsidiaries,  officers,  directors,  employees,  agents,  partners  and  licensors make  no  warranty  that  (i)  the  Service  will  meet  your  requirements;  (ii)  your  use  of  the  Service  will  be  timely, uninterrupted, secure or error-free; (iii) any information obtained by you as a result of the Service will be accurate or reliable; and (iv) any defects or errors in the software provided to you as part of the Service will be corrected.

11.3. :

Any material  downloaded  or  otherwise  obtained through the  use  of the  Service is  accessed  at  your  own discretion  and  risk,  and  you will  be  solely  responsible  for  any  damage to  your  device  or loss  of  data that  results from the download of any such material. You  further acknowledge that the Service is not intended or suitable  for use in situations or environments where the failure or time delays of, or errors or inaccuracies in, the content, data  or information  provided  by the  Service  could lead to  death,  personal injury,  or  severe  physical  or  environmental  damage.  No  advice  or information,  whether  oral  or  written,  obtained  by  you  from  Kiwili  or through  or  from the  Service shall create any warranty not expressly stated in the terms.


12. Limitation of Liability

12.1. :

Some  jurisdictions  do  not  allow  the  exclusion  or  limitation  of  liability  for  incidental  or  consequential  damages, as such, to the extent such exclusions or limitations are specifically prohibited by applicable law, some of the exclusions or limitations set forth below may not apply to you.

12.2. :

You  expressly  understand  and  agree  that  Kiwili  and  its  affiliates,  subsidiaries,  officers,  directors, employees,  agents,  partners  and  licensors  shall  not  be  liable  to  you  for  any  direct,  indirect,  incidental,  special, consequential or exemplary damages, including, but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data, cost of procurement of substitute goods or services, or other intangible losses  (even if Kiwili has been advised of the possibility of such damages), resulting from: (i) the use or inability to use the Service (ii) any changes made to the Service or any temporary or permanent cessation of the Service or any part thereof; (iii) the unauthorized access to or alteration of your transmissions or data;  (iv) the deletion of, corruption of, or  failure to store and/or send or receive  your transmissions  or  data  on  or through the Service;  (v)  statements  or  conduct  of  any third  party  on the  Service; and (vi) any other matter relating to the Service.


13. Indemnity

13.1. :

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold Kiwili, its affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees, agents,  partners and licensors  harmless  from any claim  or  demand, including  reasonable attorneys’  fees, made  by a third  party,  relating to  or arising  from:  (a) any Content  you  submit,  post, transmit,  or  otherwise make available  through the Service; (b) your use of the Service; (c) any violation by you of these Terms; or (d) your violation of any rights of another. This obligation shall survive the termination or expiration of these Terms and/or your use of the  Service.

13.2. :

You  acknowledge  that  you  are  responsible  for  all  use  of  the  Service  using  your  account  and  that  these  Terms apply to any and all usage of your account. You agree to comply with these Terms and to defend, indemnify and  hold  harmless  Kiwili  from  and  against  any  and  all  claims  and  demands  arising  from  usage  of  your  account  whether or not such usage is expressly authorized by you.


14. Advertising

The  Service  users that  do  not  hold  a Member  Account  accept the  emergence  of  advertising  while  using the Service. The Service users that do hold a Member Account are exempt  from advertising. All users accept that  their name, logo, trademark is used by Kiwili for advertising and concede to Kiwili the license to use and reproduce  these names, trademarks and logo on all media, all without compensation.


15. Notices

Kiwili may provide you with notices regarding the Service, including changes to these Terms, by email to your Kiwili email address (and/or other alternate email address if provided), by regular mail, or by postings on our Website and/or the Service.


16. Governing Law

Except  to  the  extent  expressly  provided  in  the  following  paragraph,  these  Terms  and  the  relationship between  you  and  Kiwili  shall  be  governed  by  the  laws  of  the  province  of  Québec  and  of  Canada,  excluding  its conflicts of law provisions. You and Kiwili agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within the judicial district of Montreal, Québec, to resolve any dispute or claim arising from these Terms.


17. General

These  Terms  constitute  the  entire  agreement  between  you  and  Kiwili,  govern  your  use  of  the  Service  and completely  replace any prior agreements between you and Kiwili in  relation to the Service. You may also be  subject to  additional terms  and  conditions that may  apply  when  you  use  affiliate  services, third-party  content,  or third-party software. If any part of these Terms is held invalid or unenforceable, that portion shall be construed in a manner consistent with applicable law to  reflect, as nearly as possible, the original intentions of the parties, and the remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect. The failure of Kiwili to exercise or enforce any right or provision of these Terms shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. You agree that, except as otherwise  expressly provided in these Terms, there shall be no third-party beneficiaries to this agreement.