August updates of the Kiwili ERP software


In the detail of time entries, filter inactive projects

When you are going to manage the users’ time entries, you now have a new filter concerning the projects. You can choose to have all projects or restrict the search result with only active or archived projects.

Enrichment of task management from the corresponding tab in projects and steps

When you are in a particular project, you now have the “Actions” button which allows you to do the same things as when you are in the general tasks feature. You can check the tasks you want in the project and change their status, duplicate them, archive them or do a batch edition in one click.

Information about the person who invoiced an hour in the time entry window

You can now find out which user invoiced the hours worked as well as the date and time by clicking directly on the time entry.

The search filter is now stored in the project list

Your project search result is now saved. So every time you go back to the feature tab “Project” you will get the last search result directly. If you want to have access to all projects, just click on the small cross on the left to remove the filter.


July updates to Kiwili invoicing and project management software

Added progress graph to the project status report

When you are in the project status report, you can see at a glance the time progress of all your projects.

Send statements only to selected clients from the accounts receivable page

In the accounts receivable report, you now have the possibility to select only certain clients.

Unbilling of imported hours when canceling an invoice

If you had imported hours into your invoice and then canceled your invoice afterwards, you will have the option to keep the hours as invoiced or not. If you uncheck the box, the hours will automatically be unchecked (so they will appear unbilled) and you will be able to import them again into a new invoice.


June updates of the Kiwili business management software

Button to pay invoices from the client record

You can now add payments for your invoices directly from your client’s file.

Restriction of invoices to contact on the client space

The visibility of invoices in the account statement and in the history has changed. You have the option to check the box in the client record to restrict the visibility of invoices to the contact only. Then, when an invoice is sent to a specific contact, it will be visible only to that contact in the history and the account statement (but still accessible via the link). And in order for them to be recognized, they must log in to their client area.

Services restriction

You can now allocate only certain services per user. To do so, you must go to the user file, then to the “Services” tab. This way you can choose to restrict or not certain services.

For example, here the user “Kiwili Assistance” only does analysis, accounting and consultation. She will therefore not be able to have tasks or make time entries in services such as “Web design” or “Marketing campaigns”. This allows you to limit the list of services, as well as to specify the tasks that can be performed when calculating the workload (available only for certain packages).

Keyboard shortcuts

You now have access to keyboard shortcuts in the Kiwili software (press F1 to see them).


May updates of Kiwili invoicing and accounting software

Hours worked and progress in the task list.

You now have several columns in the task list that inform you about the budgeted / remaining / completed work time. So you can know at a glance how far your tasks have progressed.

Tab summarizing the workload in a project

You now have a new tab in your projects: “Workload”. In this tab you can find all the information concerning the workload of your collaborators related to this project. You also have the detail of the working hours according to the tasks.

Project workload tab

You also have a new column in the project indicators that shows you the cost of the allocated workload.

Displaying task information in the indicators tab of the project sheet

From the indicators page of your project, you have a summary table of your tasks with the distribution of time between users and the status of the tasks.

Adding the forecasted margin to the project indicators

A new column has been added to your project indicators chart: the forecasted margin. It corresponds to the estimate amount minus the forecasted expenses minus the allocated workload.

Multi-selection and pagination in the lists of estimates, invoices, expenses and purchase orders in the client/supplier record

In the records of your prospects, clients and suppliers, you now have the same pagination and actions as when you are in the list of estimates, invoices, expenses or purchase orders. For example, if you want to archive several estimates of your client you can now do it directly from his file in one click.

Comments in estimates, invoices, expenses, purchase orders

You can now discuss with other users on your estimates, invoices, expenses and purchase orders thanks to the small icons “Comment” which are on top on the right.


April updates of Kiwili business management software

Adding the visual of the available credit in the payment window

When you want to add a payment to an invoicing you will know at a glance if your client has a credit or not. You will then be able to select the “credit” payment method to apply it to his invoice.


Adding the client’s average payment term to the invoice

To choose the due date of your invoicing, you now have an indicator that informs you of the actual average payment time of your client. So you can adjust the due date to get paid as soon as possible.


Adding task hours to the Workload tab of the steps

The feature of workload management in projects has evolved. You now have all the information about the budgeted work time, remaining work and completed work (according to time entries) of the tasks of the step in the “workload” tab.

Invoice number for invoicing in the list of expenses

In your expense list, you can directly see the invoice number that corresponds to the invoicing of your expense.

Ability to change a canceled expense to “To be paid” status

If you have an expense that is mistakenly in “cancelled” status, you can now change it to “To be paid” status and keep all the information without having to recreate it.

Possibility to reorder the steps

You can now reorganize the steps as you wish using the buttons in the steps. By default, they will be sorted by order of creation or by order of estimate.

By-product products

For your inventory management, you now have the ability to create compound products. For example, if you sell tables, in your inventory you can link the boards, nails and other tools you need to build this table.


March updates of the Kiwili management and invoicing software

Improvement to the task search

You can choose multiple answers within a task search. For example, you can filter to get the tasks assigned to several people in particular. This new feature is also available for task status and priority.

Adding the purchase order field to the project

You can now add a client purchase order number to your projects.

Afterwards, this client purchase order number will be present on all invoices related to your project.

Management of licenses related to users

When you want to add a new user, now you just have to click on “Add a user”. Kiwili will propose that you buy an additional license if you don’t have enough.

Then you will be redirected to the management of your plan directly.

This new feature is also available when you want to remove a user. Kiwili will then propose you to remove a user license.

This new feature helps you avoid mistakes and pay only for the licenses you use.

Adding the estimated margin to the project page graphic

On the graph of your project indicators, you now have a new information which is the estimated margin of your project. It is the amount of your estimates minus your expenses and salaries.

Adding project numbers to reports

In all your performance reports related to your projects, you have the project number information available.

Default prices in expense items

You can now indicate a price for each of your expense items. This will save you time when creating your expenses, as the unit price will already be indicated (you can always modify it before validating your expense).

If you have access to the purchase module, this price is overwritten by the supplier catalog price.

Add all task fields to the task list

Your list of tasks is enriched. You now have all the tasks of the options included in the tasks present as columns. This gives you even more information and allows you more flexibility in your task management.

Please note that you can always use the icon on the far left to show or hide the columns you want.

Adding information to the list of bank account balances

In the list of your bank account balances, you now have much more information. You have the transaction information, the opening balance date and the opening balance. You also have an alert when the opening balance does not match the previous closing balance.

History of follow-ups in accounts receivable

In your accounts receivable report, when you click on the “Follow-up” icon you now have access to the entire contact history with the client.

February updates of Kiwili business management and accounting software

Inclusion of completed steps in the workload report

New features have been added to the “Workload” report. Information about completed steps is now available. You have the drop down menu to choose if you want to include them or not in the report.

Changing the user in the time entries from the management page

The person in charge of managing time entries will be able to change the user assigned to a time entry by clicking on it in the time entry management module.

Target invoicing hours

You can now set a target number of invoicing hours to be achieved per user. To do this you must go to Configuration / Users / Schedule / Define the percentage of billable hours target.

Then you can analyze the results with the hours per employee ratio.

Available only for Enterprise plans

Improved loading speed of accounting reports

The data in the accounting reports loads faster to give you a quicker result.

Change of client for a project even if no estimate or invoice is assigned to it.

When you go to create a project, you can then assign a client directly to it without the need for a linked estimate or invoice.

Apply global model colors in progressive invoices

You can now customize your invoices that have a progressive template.

To do so, you must first check the box to apply the character and background colors to progressive invoices.


Kiwili is an all-in-one business management software. It is at the same time an easy invoicing software, an accounting software, a CRM, a convenient project management tool and a time tracking software. Everything you need to manage your business like a pro!