Completing projects within budget and on time can sometimes be stressful. Without proper planning and management, projects can go wrong, resulting in wasted time and money. To avoid this, follow our 8 tips to move along your projects smoothly.

1- Plan, plan, plan!

The more you plan, the higher your chances for success! Start by establishing a list of all the project phases and required tasks. Be sure to carefully divide each major phase into a multitude of small steps. This is a great way to remember everything, to avoid backtracking and to motivate your work team, which will see the steady progress of its efforts on a daily basis.

Next, organize the order of the phases and tasks, and save all this information in Kiwili’s project management tool.

Best Practices in Project Management

One of the difficulties of project management sometimes lies in an inability to properly estimate the workload of a particular task. Don’t hesitate to ask a colleague for their opinion.

Remember that some activities can be done at the same time, and that others need one to be completed before they can begin. As the project manager, one of your roles is to limit the number of unexpected events. To do this, careful planning is required. Leave nothing to chance!


2- Estimate higher costs

Is the project still profitable if the worst case scenario arises? Initially, it is better to add some flexibility to the established financial planning. In addition to direct costs, you must consider the indirect costs (administrative support, cost of office supplies) that could affect the profitability of the project.


3- Store your data in a safe software

In order to be efficient with your project management, collect all the relevant information and files that will be needed during the project. Since your data is the heart of your business, you need to make sure you store it in a secure place. You can count on Kiwili for that.

Best Practices in Project Management

4- Do not deviate from the critical path

Make sure you stay on track throughout the project, and especially during key phases. If necessary, readjust and plan for additional financial, material and human resources.

5- Support your team members

As project manager, you need to provide leadership, direction, and above all, support to team members as they go about completing their tasks. Listen to them when they need you. Do not hesitate to use their creativity. A miracle solution sometimes emerges from a brainstorming session.

Best Practices in Project Management

6- Communicate effectively and continuously

Your work team must be aware of the plan. Keep them informed not only of the progress of the project, but also of the potential difficulties ahead. A well-organized meeting with coffee, fresh fruits, and perhaps a little chocolate may be worthwhile. A cohesive team is essential to achieving the desired victory.

7- Follow-up rigorously

Adapt your schedule by revising it on a daily basis as work progresses. Check regularly if your progress matches the plan and modify it as needed. What’s going well and what could be improved? What could you do to turn the tables around?



Kiwili is an all-in-one business management software. It is at the same time an easy invoicing software, an accounting software, a CRM, a convenient project management tool and a time tracking software. Everything you need to manage your business like a pro!